Georgetown Hockey Heritage Council

Recognizing Outstanding Contrbution to Georgetown's Hockey Heritage Since 1978

The Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award
Nomination Criteria
A mandate of the Georgetown Hockey Heritage Council (the Council) is to recognize an individual or organization or group for outstanding contributions to Georgetown’s Hockey Heritage.
Outstanding contributions to Georgetown’s Hockey Heritage can be recognized as follows:
  • The Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award – Annually for long and outstanding contributions to Georgetown’s Hockey Heritage.
  • Murray Ezeard Plaque – Recognizes dedicated individuals who passed before their work in hockey in Georgetown could be recognized. The frequency with which this award is made is at the discretion of the Council.
  • Citation Award – For contributions to Georgetown’s Hockey Heritage worthy of special recognition. The frequency with which this award is made is at the discretion of the Council.
Any person or organization or group who is or has been distinguished as a hockey player, as an official, as a hockey organization executive member, coach, volunteer, team or sponsor organization who has made outstanding contributions through involvement in Georgetown’s   hockey shall be eligible for selection for a Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award(s), which is the basis for his/ her or its consideration.
Members of the GHHC and Selection Committee are eligible for nomination for the GHHC’s annual award. A GHHC or Selection Committee member who has been nominated for an annual Award will not participate in the selection process.
Any person or organization may nominate an individual/organization/group for a Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award by submitting a completed formal Nomination Form. All properly completed nominations which are unsuccessful will remain on record and may be considered in future selection processes.
  1. Nominations of persons or organizations for The Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award(s) shall be submitted in writing or electronic transmission on the appropriate forms. Self-nominations are not permitted.
  2. The Nomination Form shall contain the fullest possible data concerning the record and the merits of the person, group or organization nominated.
  3. Nomination forms may be obtained on-line by accessing the website The or by contacting the Council Secretary, John Boyce at (905) 877-8911 or
  4. Nominations must be received by the Selection Committee Chair no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday of the month of October.
  5. Under extraordinary circumstances as may be decided by the Selection Committee, nominations may be accepted after the deadline set out in c) above.
  6. The Selection Committee Chair shall advise both the nominees and the nominators, in writing or by email of the nominee selected for the Award in that year and such notification shall be undertaken prior to the press release.
A yearly review of nominees and the nomination submissions will occur and then there will be a selection of a nominee for The Georgetown Hockey Heritage Award.
The frequency of awarding the Murray Ezeard Plaque and the Citation Award are as deemed appropriate by the Council.
Annually, a Selection Committee consisting of approximately five (5) members of the Council will meet as a group to evaluate the individuals, organizations or groups nominated to receive recognition for their contributions to hockey in Georgetown. The Selection Committee will be chaired by the 1st Vice President of the Council. The Committee will be appointed by the Council for a four (4) year term.
The Selection Committee members will rate their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place nominee selections.        A 1st place rating receives 3 points, a 2nd place rating receives 2 points and a 3rd place rating receives 1 point. The nominee with the highest total point rating will receive the Award.
The Chair of the Selection Committee will vote only if there is a tie among nominees.
All nomination materials will be maintained within the Council records.                


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